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TrueUSD Team
To guide and manage the development and scaling up of TUSD as it evolves into an industry leading stablecoin, TUSD is led and advised by a dynamic team from a range of complementary backgrounds including those with extensive experience from reputable financial institutions, renowned IT firms and dynamic blockchain entrepreneurs.
Rafael Cosman
Finance & Product Advisor
Alex de Lorraine
BizOps & BizDev & Strategy Advisor
Teresa Anaya
Our History
The TrueUSD team owns a friendly cooperative relationship with the TrustToken team. The TrustToken team supports TrueUSD in operations, compliance, and banking relations, collaborating to drive higher standards for customer experience, increased marketing budget, growing engineering resources, and more adequate liquidity support. Today, TrueUSD has accomplished many milestones and will continue to strive for TUSD to reach maximum potential while maintaining a commitment to transparency and security. 
  • APR 2018 - TrustToken launches the first regulated stablecoin fully backed by the US Dollar, TUSD
  • MAY 2018 - TUSD lists on Binance
  • SEP 2018 - Market cap exceeds $100 million
  • AUG 2019 - TUSD launches on Binance Chain
  • SEP 2020 - Market cap exceeds $500 million
  • MAR 2021 - TUSD launches natively on Avalanche Chain
  • APR 2021 - TUSD  launches natively on TRON Chain
  • JUN 2021 - TUSD breaks all-time market cap record at over $1.7 billion
  • AUG 2021 - TrustToken, the TUSD issuance platform and the operator of the lending protocol TrueFi, receives a $12.5 million investment from a16z, and Alameda, etc.
  • SEP 2021 - Simplex, a crypto payment service provider, fully integrates the TUSD stablecoin with support for fiat on- and off-ramp services. 
  • OCT 2021 - TUSD announces the launch of the $1 billion Fountain Incentive Program to turbocharge the growth of various DeFi ecosystems
  • DEC 2021 - The total number of addresses with TUSD holdings exceeds 400,000, reaching 400,246 
  • JUL 2022 - TUSD gets connected to the Optimism chain via the Optimism Bridge. At present, in addition to the four native public chains, TUSD has been successfully deployed on eight other public chains via cross-chain solutions.
  • OCT 2022 - TUSD is granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the Commonwealth of Dominica effective on October 7th 2022.
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